About Us

The old adage “don’t limit yourself” has been taken to heart on this website. Here you will find, game reviews, book reviews, movie reviews, and more. If you haven’t seen it on the internet before, you will probably find it here.

I am General Lotz, 3 years ago I was inspired to start making videos. I already knew that there were a large amount of people already doing the same. Therefore I decided to try and make mine a bit different. For one I mix information with humor, and for another I review things that most  people on the internet haven’t reviewed before. Here on the Nerd Station, you will find my game reviews, book reviews, and movie reviews. And quite likely you will leave here having discovered a game, book, or movie you never knew existed before.

My code name is MizzeeOH; I try to strike a solid balance between Horror, Science Fiction, and general reviews as I look at nearly every subject that fits into these categories and anything else I feel the desire to rant or rave about.

I am the M-Man, and I review books, but not the deep nature-of-man kind of books. Fantasy, Sci-fi,  or anything that sounds interesting is fair game. I keep my reviews short and to the point. No jokes, no skits, no storylines, no swearing, no screaming, no star rating, no #/10 ratings. My schedule is usually once per month, around the 1st, but the date is never set in stone. Enjoy.


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